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AWARD-WINNING educational STEM toy for creative kids. Learning magnetic building toys for boys and girls. Ideal for 3-8 years old. Race Car Toy Kit.

Ready to start?

1. MAKE YOUR ARTWORK - Select a page from the coloring book. Color and decorate it with our awesome stickers.
2. BUILD YOUR TOY - To build the toy, simply slip your colored creation into the clear capsule, customize it with various accessories and lock them together with the magnetic character.
3. PLAY WITH YOUR CREATION - Let the storytelling and adventures begin! 

What did Shlomi say?

I recently bought this cute racer toy and my boys are super into it. They spend lots of time coloring and creating their car decorations and love comparing the papers they've created. I think this toy is really engaging and enjoyable for both younger and older kids who can play together. The quality is great and I would definitely recommend it."

What did Alon say?

" This is absolutely the most AMAZING toy we have ever gotten. Simple, and beautifully designed. Its just endlessly customizable, and brings out the creative side so missing in toys. The other kids in our class just keep at it unlike toys they get tired of after a few days of play. We had to get one too. Well done!! Hope there are more like this coming. Idea- perhaps a train design with several cars that can hook up to each other where kids can collaboratively create a common toy? Anyways- for this price its a steal! "